Deep Trouble

Something is not right

As time goes on, we find more and more that something isn’t right.

After an adventure (which might get documented elsewhere at some point) finishing with our destruction of a young dragon, the same young dragon almost destroyed us. As it exploded into flames, it was almost all we could do to escape the flames and firestorm that became the forest.

Luckily we ended up fleeing for our lives in the right direction and we managed to get out without major burns and into the swamp that we had been aiming for in the first place.

Although we knew that the swamp was where some of this insanity was coming from, it didn’t stop us from being surprised by the continuing depth of the problem. The first indication was a tree surrounded by a magical warning ring, which we must have set off. The numerous war forged rising from the swamp to attack us were only the beginning.

A reaper blossom with the power to teleport using its minions ended up standing against us while the war forged continued to melt into a necrotic and harmful black ooze. As if that wasn’t enough, a hell hound also stood against us. Although it took all of our efforts, we were victorious.

Nearby the battle, there was a cluster of trees with many human corpses piled there. We could tell they were villagers from nearby. Although they were all dead, there was nothing apparent that could have been what killed them. They weren’t decayed and although they were cold, seemed like they could rise at any moment.

We thought things in this land couldn’t be more wrong, but we are continually surprised. Perhaps it is because we are novices at almost everything we find this so disturbing, but things are going very wrong in this land.

We travel on, towards a rising smoke plume in the direction of the hell hound. Perhaps some mysteries will be solved there, or perhaps we will only meet more mysteries. Only time will tell.



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