Deep Trouble

Something is not right

As time goes on, we find more and more that something isn’t right.

After an adventure (which might get documented elsewhere at some point) finishing with our destruction of a young dragon, the same young dragon almost destroyed us. As it exploded into flames, it was almost all we could do to escape the flames and firestorm that became the forest.

Luckily we ended up fleeing for our lives in the right direction and we managed to get out without major burns and into the swamp that we had been aiming for in the first place.

Although we knew that the swamp was where some of this insanity was coming from, it didn’t stop us from being surprised by the continuing depth of the problem. The first indication was a tree surrounded by a magical warning ring, which we must have set off. The numerous war forged rising from the swamp to attack us were only the beginning.

A reaper blossom with the power to teleport using its minions ended up standing against us while the war forged continued to melt into a necrotic and harmful black ooze. As if that wasn’t enough, a hell hound also stood against us. Although it took all of our efforts, we were victorious.

Nearby the battle, there was a cluster of trees with many human corpses piled there. We could tell they were villagers from nearby. Although they were all dead, there was nothing apparent that could have been what killed them. They weren’t decayed and although they were cold, seemed like they could rise at any moment.

We thought things in this land couldn’t be more wrong, but we are continually surprised. Perhaps it is because we are novices at almost everything we find this so disturbing, but things are going very wrong in this land.

We travel on, towards a rising smoke plume in the direction of the hell hound. Perhaps some mysteries will be solved there, or perhaps we will only meet more mysteries. Only time will tell.

Following the Trail

After defending the town we decided to find the attacker’s source. Luckily the creatures had put no effort into hiding their tracks. We found nothing special following their trail but eventually saw smoke billowing in the distance. Upon closer inspection it was another group of Warforged and it appeared they may possibly have prisoners.

Our group descended upon them quickly attacking from all sides. They were powerful and it was a long battle but we prevailed. Umbra dealt some serious damage while unfortunately taking quite a bit herself but Jive kept her alive. One of our enemies had a particularly unpleasant end being burned alive then desecrated by Talbain’s ‘Magic Hand’ (not to be confused with Magic Fingers.) A summoning ring made it likely that the demonic beings we had seen previously originated here so the ring was broken to ensure no unexpected visitors. An inspection of the camp yielded no prisoners but we did discover plans the Warforged had been holding onto. All evidence at the camp pointed us to the unpleasant swamp on the northeast portion of the island.

We crossed the river without issue and began following it as it would lead us directly to the swamp. Soon we came across evidence of hunters which could be problematic with our lack of communication skills and the strange/intimidating composition of our group. Swiftfoot took off scanning the forest from the skies to see what information he could gather. It looked like a party of eight humans (one of which was dressed in very extravagant clothing) were walking through the forest ahead of us. It was determined we didn’t have much to gain by approaching them and crossed to the other side of the river continuing towards the swamp. We soon came across a clearing with various rock formations.

It looked like some Warforged were training Hell hounds for combat. With the element of surprise we sprung into action though we quickly discovered a surprise of our own – a nest of Gnaw demons perched on one of the rocks. The Hell hounds were quickly dispatched giving us a false sense of security paving the way for a Warforged Enforcer to dish out some serious damage. Ultimately we made it through and who knows what else awaits us on our path to the swamp.

Also, Bulwark had a bad day.

Second Session
Villager Safeguard

In this installment of Deep Trouble, our intrepid group of Monstrous Heroes explored the lands in the map that they discovered. In their journey they encountered a small farming town filled with very nervous (and aloof) people. Our Heroes decided to wait around to see what was bothering the village because they couldn’t understand a word of their strange language. As night fell a strange and grating sound echoed from the forest surrounding the village. Too soon the poor farmers were attacked by insidious monsters filled with the black goo they had become familiar with. Knowing that they were the only hope for this doomed farming village, they sprang into action and defeated the disgusting beings. After a huge effort, Umbra (displacer beast Monk) was able to convince the local Wizard that they were friends and after the casting of a comprehend languages spell (by the Human believe it or not!), was able to find out that the town had been beset by these beasts for long time and that they too had a half of the map of this land! Valthrun, the Wizard then gifted the Heroes the other map fragment, completing their island map. With that the party is searching for their next course of action.

First Session (Team 2)
The beginning (Again)

Same exact story and combat as team one, however, they handled the first fight a bit slower, and the second fight WAY faster. They snuck in on the Gnolls and killed two before any response was even possible.

First Session (Team 1)
The beginning

As the knowledge cascades over each of the creates upon entering a circular chamber they all peer around realizing they are somewhere new, and there are many dangerous others around them. A Hobgoblin introduces himself as Blork, and there’s something about him that makes him feel trustworthy but dangerous. It could be the willingness to hand out what appear to be powerful magical artifacts to each of us, or his comfort in talking to a bunch of animals and insects as brothers and sisters.

During his soliloquy it was learned that this world we live in is in great dangers. Something is corrupting all forms of sentient life, some faster than others. Blork was sent by his god to try and create a line of defense. He let us know our first test would be to see if we could work as a team to get out of the cavern we were in. There was no way back the way we had come. In fact, it didn’t appear like the way we had come ever existed. We would have to get past some Gnolls on the way out that he had put to sleep on his way in.

As the cavern opened up we fought a small pack of gnolls, the fight was quick and simple and they gave us no chance to communicate. Mostly they seemed confused by the pack of animals working together. We also had to kill a slime which had helped us take out a few of the gnolls as well.

Working through the rest of the cave system wasn’t quite as easy. Quite a few more gnolls, some of which knew magic. Since we caught them mostly unaware we were able to kill them all and make it outside.

Not far outside a small camp was found due to the smoke rising from a campfire. As one of our members approached to get a better view they were spotted and the team was immediately set upon by a group of Warforged. It was clear something was wrong with them, as they were struck and took damage they leaked a black ooze that rotted and killed any living foliage on the ground where it landed.

Once we finished them off we searched the camp and found a portion of a map. Based off of the markings on it and the messages left nearby the map must be of the island we’re on, but it very clearly was incomplete. The group decided to settle down in the camp for the night as nothing had escaped to inform others of what had occurred.


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