Valzen, a beautiful and secluded continent, has recently been found. What wonders does it contain?

The citizens of the island of Valzen have noticed a strange dirty fog blanketing their land. Of the many adventurers that have been sent out to determine what is causing the fog only a handful haven returned. The few that have returned came back mad, attacking the villages and cities, killing anyone they meet. No one has yet been able to talk to one of these crazed individuals.

Your Characters

The campaign began in a cave in Valzen, your creature had just gained full sentience. It was learned that a HobGoblin named Blork has called each of them as a last chance against an evil power that seems to easily corrupt other sentient races. Below are a few things to think about during character creation.
  • Your character was a non sentient beast living as animals do in a dungeon or natural cave.
  • You will have memories of your past as a feral beast, the creatures you interacted with, the location you originally came from, and any experiences you had.
  • As a newly sentient creature all characters will start Neutral but your existence up until now will color your actions. You may be aggressive to all, silent and brooding, curious about everything in a new light, or simply daft about the world around you.
  • You may choose to pick a God to worship from the start of the campaign (knowledge may bestowed upon you as you gain sentience), or wait until you learn of a god that fits your character as it develops (this can even be true for Divine classes, given power by a god they do not yet understand or know as a defense for the world they inhabit).
  • You will have all powers of whatever class you pick, and are free to explain those powers however they best fit your character.
  • All players will start at level 5

The Surrounding Area
Valzen is a large island with a single small but bustling seaport city and a couple smaller villages scattered throughout the wilds of the land. Most of the continent is surrounded by rough dormant volcanic mountains, as well as there being a large mountain centrally located on the landmass.
Valzen is also the name of the main harbor city of the island. The outer villages, of which there are two, don’t presently have names. The western village is used for farming, the eastern for hunting. Both of these are quite small.

Not much else is known about the territory as it is being newly explored, however there are adventuring parties being sent out regularly by the main city to help map out the terrain and clear areas for new villages.
The worry amongst citizens of Valzen grows as the fog that rolls through the forest seems to get more acrid and muddy colored. Valzen is in need of heroes, and they’re ready to settle for anyone.

Deep Trouble

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