Character Creation Process

Below are the detailed steps for selecting a monster type to play in the campaign.

1. Browse through the 4th Edition Monster Manuals and select a Beast type monster that isn’t sentient.
Beast selection
The right image is taken from one of the Monster Manuals.
Make sure where the yellow highlight is includes “Beast”.
The other thing to look for is if at the bottom of that stat bar it shows any languages. If any are listed you should not select this monster type.

2. Determine what Class you’d like each of the monsters to be. Fighter Cockatrice? Rust Monster Shaman? Warlock Gorilla? All acceptable selections. If you want to request something that falls outside of the above requirements feel free to ask but I make no promises!

3. Give the list of at least 3 Beasts and the Classes you’d prefer them to be to Greg. He’ll handle processing the Beast into a Playable Race and determine what bonuses and powers you’ll get when building your character.

4. Dice Rolls for Stats are as follows: 4d6 drop the lowest, write down the total. Do this 6 times. This is a set of stats. Do this process 3 times total so you have 3 full sets of 6 values (keep the sets independent). These will be the choices for your starting stats (plus the Class based bonuses and level up bonuses).

5. Create your character at Level 5, select powers and feats as appropriate. You have 2000 gold to spend on any gear you want. I recommend Armor and a Weapon of high value for combat readiness. Another good choice is an amulet for extra defenses. We do have access to the Character Builder to easily put together characters much more easily. I’m presently working on implementing additional files in it so you’ll be able to select your Monster as the Race as well. No promises on getting this done but we can work around it in the character builder even if I’m unable to get the files to work.

6. Enjoy your absurd creation in the campaign!

Character Creation Process

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