Deep Trouble

First Session (Team 2)
The beginning (Again)

Same exact story and combat as team one, however, they handled the first fight a bit slower, and the second fight WAY faster. They snuck in on the Gnolls and killed two before any response was even possible.

First Session (Team 1)
The beginning

As the knowledge cascades over each of the creates upon entering a circular chamber they all peer around realizing they are somewhere new, and there are many dangerous others around them. A Hobgoblin introduces himself as Blork, and there’s something about him that makes him feel trustworthy but dangerous. It could be the willingness to hand out what appear to be powerful magical artifacts to each of us, or his comfort in talking to a bunch of animals and insects as brothers and sisters.

During his soliloquy it was learned that this world we live in is in great dangers. Something is corrupting all forms of sentient life, some faster than others. Blork was sent by his god to try and create a line of defense. He let us know our first test would be to see if we could work as a team to get out of the cavern we were in. There was no way back the way we had come. In fact, it didn’t appear like the way we had come ever existed. We would have to get past some Gnolls on the way out that he had put to sleep on his way in.

As the cavern opened up we fought a small pack of gnolls, the fight was quick and simple and they gave us no chance to communicate. Mostly they seemed confused by the pack of animals working together. We also had to kill a slime which had helped us take out a few of the gnolls as well.

Working through the rest of the cave system wasn’t quite as easy. Quite a few more gnolls, some of which knew magic. Since we caught them mostly unaware we were able to kill them all and make it outside.

Not far outside a small camp was found due to the smoke rising from a campfire. As one of our members approached to get a better view they were spotted and the team was immediately set upon by a group of Warforged. It was clear something was wrong with them, as they were struck and took damage they leaked a black ooze that rotted and killed any living foliage on the ground where it landed.

Once we finished them off we searched the camp and found a portion of a map. Based off of the markings on it and the messages left nearby the map must be of the island we’re on, but it very clearly was incomplete. The group decided to settle down in the camp for the night as nothing had escaped to inform others of what had occurred.


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