Deep Trouble

Second Session

Villager Safeguard

In this installment of Deep Trouble, our intrepid group of Monstrous Heroes explored the lands in the map that they discovered. In their journey they encountered a small farming town filled with very nervous (and aloof) people. Our Heroes decided to wait around to see what was bothering the village because they couldn’t understand a word of their strange language. As night fell a strange and grating sound echoed from the forest surrounding the village. Too soon the poor farmers were attacked by insidious monsters filled with the black goo they had become familiar with. Knowing that they were the only hope for this doomed farming village, they sprang into action and defeated the disgusting beings. After a huge effort, Umbra (displacer beast Monk) was able to convince the local Wizard that they were friends and after the casting of a comprehend languages spell (by the Human believe it or not!), was able to find out that the town had been beset by these beasts for long time and that they too had a half of the map of this land! Valthrun, the Wizard then gifted the Heroes the other map fragment, completing their island map. With that the party is searching for their next course of action.



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