Deep Trouble

Following the Trail

After defending the town we decided to find the attacker’s source. Luckily the creatures had put no effort into hiding their tracks. We found nothing special following their trail but eventually saw smoke billowing in the distance. Upon closer inspection it was another group of Warforged and it appeared they may possibly have prisoners.

Our group descended upon them quickly attacking from all sides. They were powerful and it was a long battle but we prevailed. Umbra dealt some serious damage while unfortunately taking quite a bit herself but Jive kept her alive. One of our enemies had a particularly unpleasant end being burned alive then desecrated by Talbain’s ‘Magic Hand’ (not to be confused with Magic Fingers.) A summoning ring made it likely that the demonic beings we had seen previously originated here so the ring was broken to ensure no unexpected visitors. An inspection of the camp yielded no prisoners but we did discover plans the Warforged had been holding onto. All evidence at the camp pointed us to the unpleasant swamp on the northeast portion of the island.

We crossed the river without issue and began following it as it would lead us directly to the swamp. Soon we came across evidence of hunters which could be problematic with our lack of communication skills and the strange/intimidating composition of our group. Swiftfoot took off scanning the forest from the skies to see what information he could gather. It looked like a party of eight humans (one of which was dressed in very extravagant clothing) were walking through the forest ahead of us. It was determined we didn’t have much to gain by approaching them and crossed to the other side of the river continuing towards the swamp. We soon came across a clearing with various rock formations.

It looked like some Warforged were training Hell hounds for combat. With the element of surprise we sprung into action though we quickly discovered a surprise of our own – a nest of Gnaw demons perched on one of the rocks. The Hell hounds were quickly dispatched giving us a false sense of security paving the way for a Warforged Enforcer to dish out some serious damage. Ultimately we made it through and who knows what else awaits us on our path to the swamp.

Also, Bulwark had a bad day.



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